Brit Boots (for Flat Foot Tyler/Homme)

Brit Boots (for Flat Foot Tyler/Homme)

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Molded plastic with laces which can be loosened to help get shoes on and off. Please note: Black items may stain dolls. We recommend wrapping feet in plastic wrap or using socks to minimize contact.

Shoe Fit Guide
  • High-heeled dolls (Tyler, Antoinette, Deja Vu, Ellowyne, Sybarites, etc.) - great fit.  The foot fits far enough down in the boot that you can not tell that the doll is high heeled.
  • Flat-foot Ellowyne: Tight fit
  • Flat-foot Tyler: Great fit
  • FR16/Teen Poppy: Good fit
  • Kingdom Doll: Good fit
  • JamieShow flat foot: Good fit
  • Marley/Patience: Great fit
  • Vita: Do not fit

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