Vintage 2-Tone Booties (For Ellowyne)

Vintage 2-Tone Booties (For Ellowyne)

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Made for Ellowyne Wilde. A little large in the foot for Tyler and other 16" dolls, but it doesn't show inside the foot.

Shoe Fit Guide
Good fit on all 16" fashion dolls - big in the foot on some, but it doesn't show. You could also pad the toe a little if you think the foot sits too far forward.
  • Antoinette/Cami/Deja Vu: Should fit
  • Ellowyne Wilde: Should fit
  • Ficon/Modsdoll: Good fit with stockings
  • FR16/Teen Poppy: Do not fit
  • Gene Marshall: Should fit
  • Kingdom Doll: Good fit with stockings
  • JamieShow: Good fit with stockings
  • Numina: Good fit with stockings
  • Sybarite V2 & V3: Decent fit
  • Tonner 16": Should fit
  • Vita: Decent fit

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