Annora's First Day at Facets
Annora Monet is a new resin doll by Phyn and Aero, sculpted by Robert Tonner. I bought the blank version, so she came without any face paint or eyes.  I will be getting her professionally painted, but for these pictures, I used some watercolor pencils just to give her a little bit of color. Try to ignore the bad paint job :)

She is roughly 16" tall, but a little bulkier than most of Tonner's vinyl fashion dolls. I put a Precarious dress on her and it's a tight fit. It's a bit stretchy and it fully snapped, but I imagine that getting her into it is similar to how Kim Kardashian gets her dresses on. I put in 8mm violet Glastic eyes, which work fine. The full dolls come with 6mm eyes which would fit the sockets better. 


Her head size is about 6 inches. I used the size 5 silicone wig cap to help hold wigs and it was sufficient although it barely covers the pate of her head. The 6/7 silicone cap is much too large. You may not need the cap at all for most size 5/6 wigs, but it helped some from popping off. Annora has two small dots of Velcro inset at the front and back of her head. I have always hated the use of Velcro on dolls' heads. Even though the dots are inset and a very thin version of the prickly side, it still managed to catch hairs on several wigs. This is an issue on crimped hair or any hair that is pulled into a style. I removed the Velcro from the front of the head with needle nose pliers (tweezers would also work) and have the back one covered with the silicone cap.

The size 5/6 wigs are tight. Not all of them fit, especially if they have anything pulled up or back since they don't have as much stretch in the elasticized caps. She is shown below in Misty, Ciara, Red and Venus. Venus does have a pulled braid, but the 5/6 got on her. I needed the wig cap to keep it from popping off.

The Darling and Lucky wigs below are size 6/7. They look fine, although the bangs are long. The wigs are loose in the cap and you will need something to help hold them on. The size 5 wig cap worked.

Annora's foot is just a tiny bit longer than Ellowyne's foot, but shorter than Deeanna's or vinyl Evangeline's. The main difference between Annora and all of the other dolls is the very high instep. It means that a lot of shoes will fit from front to back, but the space under her instep will show in shoes that have open or low sides.

I tried both Ellowyne and Deeanna shoes on Annora. Ellowyne shoes are tight and Annora will not be able to wear stockings with them. Deeanna shoes are a bit large and stockings are recommended. Most of the Ellowyne short boots at Facets (like Dot Boots, Bow Ankles and Fur Flaps) work great on her. Higher boots may not zip since her calves are thicker. I think most open toe Ellowyne shoes will fit Annora, but avoid ones with thin straps. The shape of Annora's foot puts too much stress on them. You can see on her right foot a little shadow where the instep is almost rising about the side of the shoe.

These two shoe styles are closed, but run a bit large so I was able to get them on Annora:

This is the Deeanna version of the Rhinestone Strap Sandal and you can clearly see the instep issue. I could not get Annora's foot into the thin strap of the Ellowyne version. Stockings fill in a little of the instep, but not all:


Closed Deeanna shoes are better than most of the open ones. They may be large, but you can stuff the toe or stockings may take up enough extra space for a good fit.

The open toe Deeanna shoes also work fairly well, except for the Open Toe/Side pair which are cut larger.

One very nice thing about Annora in shoes is that I had no problem standing her on her own. She is a very well balanced doll. 

I am happy to answer questions about my products and how they fit Annora, but she is off to a repainter on Sunday and will be gone for a few weeks. Hopefully I've listed enough things that fit her to keep you playing with this new doll for a while :)
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