Court Pumps (For Ellowyne)
Court Pumps (For Ellowyne)

Court Pumps (For Ellowyne)

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Styled with a thicker, slightly curved heel - a great basic pump for older period fashions. Can easily be embellished and light colors can be painted. Due to the high cut of this style, this shoe looks good on almost all of the 16" fashion dolls - stockings help or you can stuff the toe if the foot slips forward.

Shoe Fit Guide
  • Antoinette/Cami/Deja Vu: Good fit with stockings
  • Ellowyne Wilde: Good fit with stockings
  • FR16/Teen Poppy: Decent fit with stockings
  • Gene Marshall: Good fit with stockings
  • Kingdom Doll: Good fit
  • Sybarite V1-V3: Good fit with stockings
  • Tonner 16": Good fit (better with stockings)
  • Vita: Do not fit

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