Cuff Bracelet Information


These bracelets are ONLY for dolls with removable hands or strung hands that can be pulled out.  The bracelets can be bent gently to make them a little larger or smaller, but NOT enough to be put on or take them off over the wrist.  ALWAYS pull out the hand to put on/remove the bracelets. 

For dolls with removable hands - remove the hands, slide the bracelet on the hand and push the hand plug back in.

For BJD's - pull hand out enough to expose the wire hook.  Put the opening of the bracelet over the wire hook.  Let go of hand to snap in place.  Do not pull on the fingers - only pull from the palm of the hand or the ball itself. The fingers are delicate and can break with the force of pulling on them.

Many of these bracelets can be used for both 12" and 16" fashion dolls/Fashion BJD's by gently opening and closing the cuff to adjust size.  They will not fit most BJD dolls which have larger balls at the wrist than fashion dolls.

PLEASE NOTE - these will not fit Ellowyne Wilde or Tonner Antoinette bodies. They are a tight fit on the Tyler body (removable hands only!), Deja Vu and RTB01 (Wonder Woman body).