Our annual Facets BBQ took place on September 16 this year, and it was a lovely day as always. We shared in all our yearly and traditions and enjoyed spending time together. For starters, it is not a bbq without a delicious meal...

Our yummy lunch!
which was later followed by desserts, of course!

It was very nice to just hang out and talk dolls with friends of Facets in the doll room. 

A highlight of this moment was getting to show off the 1:4 scale diorama of Facets Boutique... 

It's so nice and relaxing to be able to be able to spend some down time with your friends in the doll community, like Scott, Rose and Laurie did..

Of course who DOESN'T love acquiring some new goodies while at doll events! That's why the basement sales area is always so popular!

Speaking of new goodies, the event would not have been complete without the famous FREE TABLE!

Everyone always goes home happy, especially when the table is left empty after the horde is done with it!
Oh yes - we did get everything on video! Click here to watch: 2018 Free Table Video

But that's not all! We also give out door prizes donated to Facets and announced by Marcia...

All in all, it was a beautiful day which we all enjoyed and we always look forward to the next BBQ! 
Hope to see you (again!) next year... The Facets family (canines included) would like to thank all the attendees and people who supported this great event. It would not be possible without everyone involved. 

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