Made in Germany


All of Gudrun's hats are handmade with traditional millinery techniques and fit most 16" fashion dolls (4 1/2 - 5 1/2" head circumference).  Larger wigs/hairstyles may affect the fit of the hat.

All of the hats are OOAK, handmade and hand sewn without glue.  They are made with a mix of vintage and modern materials.  Most of the hats are wired with a special millinery wire, so the brim won´t lose its shape and can GENTLY and CAREFULLY be bent.

There are some differences between handmade  and industrial made doll hats. Industrial hats are pressed between two metal molds under high pressure and steam, which causes a flat, smooth surface.  These handmade hats are stretched over a hat block and dried.  Most are made with sinamay in two or three layers, so slight wrinkles and folds are possible. It´s almost impossible to work a sinamay hat with layers in one piece without wrinkles, at such a small scale.   There may be some uneven surfaces due to the handmade nature.

The ribbons are not very tight in order to allow the hat crown to be stretched a bit and used for a some range of head circumferences.  Some of the hats have headbands inside that can also be gently bent.  All hats are meant to fit a head circumference approximately 4 1/2" - 5 1/2".  Bending them smaller or larger may damage the hats.

If you are in Europe and wish to place a custom order with Gudrun, you can contact her at [email protected].  If you are not in Europe and wish to place a custom order, please keep in mind the shipping expenses.  All custom orders are shipped from Germany and would be dealt with privately between you and Gudrun (not Facets).