Jag Metal
(L-R Clockwise) Gene, Sybarite, Antoinette, Tyler

Jag Metal

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These are elastic stretch bracelets - very easy to put on your dolls! They have a nice, seamless fit on all of the dolls. 
These jag metal bracelets available in: 
  •  2-Tone Silver (matte/shiny) 
  • 2-Tone Gold (matte/shiny) 
  • Gunmetal Tri-Tone (gold, silver, copper) 
These elastic bracelets are designed to fit Tyler, Gene, 16" Franklin Mint Vinyls and CED dolls. Some will fit Alex. For Ellowyne and Antoinette, I recommend popping off the hand to help get the bracelet on more easily. You can do this by holding the hand and pulling firmly in a straight line from the wrist. You should be able to get the bracelets off over the hand without a problem.

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