Kadira Arrives!
I attended the Phyn and Aero luncheon in Albany this past weekend and came home with the charming Ophelia Kadira doll designed by Andrew Yang and sculpted by Robert Tonner. She is the first Kadira doll released with at least 2 other planned (also named after Shakespearan ladies).

This photo was taken by Michelle at Phyn and Aero.  I forgot to take a picture of her before I stripped her and started to play with her.

Kadira is approximately 12 1/2" tall with a very stylized body and is a resin ball jointed doll.  I found it difficult for her head to hold a pose, but her arms and legs have nice articulation, including a kind of "clicky" part in the knee joint that holds a 90 degree bend perfectly.  

Here she is compared with Tonner's 13" Revlon body, Integrity Color Infusion and Integrity FR2 bodies.  Kadira's clothing will not fit any of the other dolls due to her tiny waist, but some clothing from other dolls should work fine on her if you don't care about a tight fit at the waist.
The first dress I tried on Kadira was from a JamieShow Demi doll.  It is too big in the bust and waist, but a very good fit in the hips.  Based on this, I think any skirts or bottoms from JS Demi dolls should fit nicely as long as they are not fitted in the calf area.
I found this dress by Dressmaker Details in my stash.  It was either made for Barbie or Fashion Royalty (original/retro body).  It fits very well and is probably what Kadira is going to remain in for a while.

I was very pleased to find that Kadira can wear Jem/Color Infusion shoes.  They are a near perfect fit, although I had to use tweezers to get the Wrap shoe over her heel.  They would be a better fit without stockings.

Kadira's original wig is quite beautiful, but I had to try on some others :)  To my surprise, the wig was glued on which is not typical of most resin dolls.  It came off easily with my fingers, but if you need a tool to remove it, try slipping a butter knife up the back of the wig.

Kadira's head measures approximately  4 1/2".  I tried a few size 4 wigs on her and managed to get the Desiree wig to fit her very tightly.  I had no luck with the James and Paris wigs I tried.  I suggest using a size 4/5 with a size 5 silicon wig cap.  
Here are a few size 4/5 wigs on Kadira.  Keep in mind that most 4/5 wigs were designed to fit a 16" fashion doll, so they will be longer on Kadira.  The bangs will also be longer and may need to be trimmed (sometimes the case on a 16" doll, too).  Kadira has a versatile face and looks good in many wig colors and styles.




I hope you enjoyed seeing some of Kadira's looks.  She should be available soon on the Phyn and Aero website, so check her out!
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