As many of you know, Tonner has discontinued most of his older doll lines.  He is now operating with 2 companies - Tonner Doll Company and Phyn and Aero.  Tonner Doll Company is handling licensed products, like Outlander, Fantastic Beasts, Wonder Woman, etc.  Phyn and Aero is a collaboration with other artists creating new doll lines - Annora (by Robert Tonner), Kadira (by Andrew Yang) and more to come.

Robert has said that he has been studying anatomy and portraiture and using new digital sculpting techniques for his dolls.  We have seen Annora and Kadira (designed by Andrew Yang, but sculpted by Robert).  They are both resin dolls.  Claire is the first vinyl doll we are seeing from his new production.

The new body (no official name yet - I asked) has slightly larger proportions than Tyler and Antoinette.  

Her body features a new rubber "panty" area that allows her to sit easily and will make her much attractive in lingerie or swimsuits.  I believe this is the body that is going to be used for the upcoming Wonder Woman doll as well, so that will allow her costumes to be cut all the way up without showing obvious jointing.

 The body snaps apart in a few pieces - perhaps they will offer other sizes of breast plates, hips, waist, etc. 

The new foot (always of interest to Facets!) is larger than the previous 16" Tonner fashion dolls.  She does have cute sculpted toes :)  The foot is most similar to Annora's and they should be able to share shoes for the most part.  

I had the most success with Deeanna shoes on her, as I did with Annora.  I suggest using them with stockings which will help fill in some of the gap in the arch and width.  As the dolls get more distributed, I will have shoes made to fit her :)
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