Platform Slingbacks (For Ellowyne)
Platform Slingbacks (For Ellowyne)

Platform Slingbacks (For Ellowyne)

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These shoes have elastic in the back. For dolls with slightly smaller feet (like Gene and Sybarites), you might want to tighten the elastic for a better fit.

Shoe Fit Guide
  • Antoinette/Cami/Deja Vu: Good fit
  • Ellowyne Wilde: Good fit
  • Ficon/Modsdoll: Good fit with stockings
  • FR16/Teen Poppy: Good fit with stockings
  • Gene Marshall: Need tightening - too big
  • Kingdom Doll: Good fit with stockings
  • JamieShow:Good fit with stockings
  • Numina: Good fit 
  • Sybarite V2 and V3: Good fit with stockings, might require bending the shoe's arch
  • Tonner 16": Decent fit - a little big
  • Vita: Do not fit

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