Tripod Backdrop Holder
Tripod Backdrop Holder

Tripod Backdrop Holder

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This tabletop tripod stand is great for holding your doll photo backdrops.   Easy assembly.   Includes 2 clamps to hold backdrop and a handy carrying/storage case. 

The crossbar is approximately 26" wide (68cm).  The height is adjustable from 18" to 29.5" (45cm - 75cm). 

*PLEASE NOTE* - The crossbar is not long enough to hold my wide (36") backdrops, but can be extended with a little creativity.  You can tape them to ends of the cross bar or use the included clamps.  In the photos, I used 2 pencils to extend the width of the crossbar and used binder clips to attach the backdrop to the pencils.  Chopsticks or bamboo skewers would also work.  If  you want to use the clamps, you will need a 3rd clamp to hold the backdrop up in the center - you might have some clamps like these already or you can add one on.    

This item can not be shipped with backdrops, but I can ship other small items from my website (shoes, wigs, jewelry, small props, etc.) in the box.  Shipping for this will be invoiced after you purchase it.  It is approximately the cost of a 2 pound over-length package.  You can contact me with your location before purchasing if you need to know the shipping amount.

For a demonstration of how to use the tripod, see my video on Using Backdrops for Doll Photography (starting around 9:10min):

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