Annora's First Day at Facets

Posted by on 9/22/2017 to News
Annora's First Day at Facets
The new Annora Monet doll from Phyn and Aero has her debut photo shoot at Facets this week! Check out what fits her...

Free Table at Facets BBQ 2017!

Posted by on 9/19/2017 to Annual BBQ
Check out some videos from the free table event at this year's annual Facets BBQ!

Facets BBQ 2017 Wrap Up

Posted by on 9/18/2017 to Annual BBQ
The BBQ this year was a big success, with lots of dolls, delicious food.. and tons of fun! Click read more to browse through the galleries...

Launching Facets Boutique

Posted by Marcia on 9/11/2017 to News
A new website for Facets!  Long overdue...  As I start with a new online store, I am thinking back over the development of Facets.

I started Facets by Marcia in 1998.  I built my website in the days when a 56.6k baud modem was state of the art and "cable" internet was unheard of.