Single Strand RS Bracelet - small
(L-R) Fashion Royalty, Tiny Kitty, and Barbie Silkstone

Single Strand RS Bracelet - small

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These are elastic stretch bracelets with tiny rhinestones. This style uses single strands, available in gold and silver settings. They are designed to fit Fashion Royalty, Tiny Kitty Collier and Barbie (both Silkstone and regular vinyl). They have a nice, seamless cuff fit on all of the dolls. 

Please see the notes below regarding size/fit:

Bracelets over gloves: I do not recommend using the single strand bracelets over gloves. The prongs are likely to snag the gloves. The triple strand bracelets stay flat when they are put on the hand, so they are better over gloves. However, please be careful, as they can still catch on the fabric.

On Silkstones: These fit fine over the left hand (with or without gloves), but I had a very hard time getting them over the right hand - the thumb is positioned out further. They will not fit over a glove on the right hand, and take your time getting it on that hand. I do not have a bent-arm Silkstone, so I do not know how well these fit over their hand sculpts

On Fashion Royalty, Tiny Kitty and vinyl Barbies: I had no problem with the fit on any of these.

As anklets: These will fit vinyl Barbies and Fashion Royalty as anklets. I did not try them on the Silkstones, but they will probably fit as well. Do not put them on over stockings. They will not fit Tiny Kitty Collier as an anklet.

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